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Prices are determined after speaking to the customer about cleaning need and scope of the job.  We like to meet with the prospective client and discuss their needs

Average Cost of House Cleaning Guide:

Cleaning rates for single-family houses average $126 nationally, compared to $97for apartments.  Cleaning contractors generally use pricing standards for general housekeeping tasks, though overall rates may vary with the number of rooms and occupants at the home and any special circumstances or requirements.

While the number of rooms in your home contributes to the pricing of your cleaning contract, the number of levels in the home may also may affect rates.

The overall size of the service area in your home is a consideration in the pricing of your cleaning services. While the number of rooms and levels indicate the general demands of the job.

The number of bathrooms in your home will directly affect overall house cleaning rates.  

Often, cleaning services charge a premium for working in homes with pets. 

Cleaning providers typically offer several options for the frequency of cleaning visits, and you may be able to arrange which tasks are performed at specific intervals.  Periodic or seasonal tasks may be incorporated into your regular cleaning schedule.